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The aim of the WoSoCer workshop series is to discuss novel safety assessment and certification approaches able to scale for complex software, and to promote their adoption in real-world, safety-critical systems through industrial and academic research projects.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of software dependability, and product-oriented certification and assurance cases;
  • Certifiable software for modern complex systems, including dynamic, autonomic, large-scale, and distributed systems;
  • Third-party components and software reuse across systems and safety standards;
  • Improvement of software development processes (e.g., SPICE, CMMI) in safety- and security-critical domains;
  • Cost-related issues and return-on-investment for certification activities;
  • Adoption of emerging technologies and practices in safety-critical systems;
  • Open issues, practical experiences and real-world case studies;
  • Cross-fertilization between safety and security standards and certification.

We solicit the submission of original research papers, up to 6 pages. Moreover, we invite proposals for demonstrations of innovative tools for dependability and certifiability assessment, accompanied by a short paper describing the tool, up to 3 pages. Tools will be presented during a special session at the workshop, with live demos and presentations.

Both research papers and short papers about the tools will be included in a supplemental volume of the ISSRE conference proceedings, and published by the IEEE Computer Society on IEEE Xplore (

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