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Full time

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Date Posted

Wednesday, 28th February 2014


Pontedera, Pisa, Italy.

Start Date

May/June  2014


24 months

Company Information

Resiltech s.r.l.

ResilTech is an ICT consultancy company that integrates the experiences of research and development in resilient computing with specific skills in industrial verification and validation of critical systems.
ResilTech core members are engineers with PhD degree in ICT with leading-edge research and development skills in resilient computing, electronic engineers with long-standing expertise in the design, verification and validation of critical systems and senior engineers with more than 10 years experience in project management.
Our vision can be summarized in a sentence:
«To develop and promote,  with the support of a rigorous scientific approach,  Techniques and Technologies for Resilience»

Website: http://www.resiltech.com/

Position Description

The position is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Curie Industrial and Academia Partnership and Pathway (IAPP) program CECRIS  (CErtification of CRItical Systems). The CECRIS project aims at taking a step forward in the growing field of development, verification and validation and certification of critical systems.
The position is for 24 month beginning in MAY/JUNE 2014
Marie Curie fellows enjoy good salaries and working conditions, career development opportunities.
Work activities will focus on the CECRIS project and will be agreed between the researcher and RESILTECH s.r.l. More precisely the recruited researcher will be involved in i) the definition of methods for the integration of security aspects into existing V&V and certification processes; ii) the analysis of the usage of the Off-The-Shelf component in critical systems, and of the main impediments to their usage, defining formal process models that allows analysis, evaluation and integration of OTS/OSS into complex systems; iii) the definition of certification oriented V&V processes, including the overall framework, process model, demanded skills and support that assures the compliance to certification standards; iv) the analysis of the state-of-the-art concerning safety-critical V&V tools used across reference domains, developing or improving new or existing tools to support the methodologies defined in the CECRIS project.

CECRIS Project

The CECRIS project focuses on the more difficult/important points of (safety, efficiency, business, .) of critical system development, verification and validation and certification process. The scientific objectives of the project are study both the scientific and industrial state of the art methodologies for system development and the impact of their usage on the verification and validation and certification of critical systems. Moreover the project aims at developing strategies and techniques supported by automatic or semi-automatic tools and methods for these type of activities, whose cost-quality achievements are well-predictable in order to tie costs of application of techniques to the RAMS attributes level achieved by the product being tested. The project will draw-up guidelines to support engineers during the planning of the verification & validation phases.
According to the nature of an PEOPLE-IAPP project, the researchers involved will have the opportunity to move from their company and university to partners' offices in a different country in order to share their expertise and absorb new knowledge in the field of the Certification of HW and SW Systems, develop new competences and integrate their new know-how back to their home companies and universities.
This synergic approach will define novel approaches and methods bringing together scientific and industrial knowledge that is currently fragmented and resides in different organizations and researchers.

Job Qualifications

He/She shall be fully graduated in Informatics or Computer Engineering and shall preferably have a PhD in Computer Sciences  or a related field from a reputable institution, strong analytical and programming skills, proven research record, and good knowledge of the English language.
If the candidates does not have a PhD, he/she shall have at least 4 years of full-time equivalent research experience.
The ideal candidate shall have experiences in verification, validation, assessment of embedded systems. C/Java development knowledge is preferable.
The following skills are appreciated but not strictly required:
·         Experiences in static analysis, fault modelling, RAM analysis, and test automation.
·         Experiences in test automation, test case generation or fault injection are preferred.
·         Experiences in quantitative modeling.
·         Experienced in C/Java/C#.
·         Experience in SW modeling (UML-like) and system modeling (architectural level as ADL-like modeling)
·         Experience in use of Simulink for embedded code development
·         Experience in deployment of FMEA/FTA techniques, especially for embedded control systems

Eligibility Criteria

According to Marie Curie rules, to be eligible the researcher must simultaneously fulfill the following criteria at the time of appointment by RESILTECH: 
·         Nationality:
o   The researcher may be a national of a Member State of the Community, of an Associated State or of any other third country. 
·         Mobility: 
o   At the time of appointment, the researcher must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc) in Italy for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the recruitment.

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