The Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica (CINI) is a consortium of 30 Italian Universities involving Computer Science and Engineering research groups. It was established in 1990 as a non-profit organization to foster the co-operation in nation-wide and international projects in the area of computing and communication. CINI operates under surveillance of the Ministry for University and Research (MUR).  The “Università di Napoli (UoN) Federico II” through the Department of Computer and Systems Engineering (DIS) and “University of Florence” through  Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica (DSI) participate to the CINI in this project.  These two units have deep knowledge in the field of design, validation and verification, and certification of critical systems. Through years they took part to several national and international research projects on the topic, including several EU-funded projects (see B.7 for the list of EU projects). The DSI group of CINI also participated as University of Firenze in several EU-founded project from framework 2 to framework 7 (i.e. ESPRIT BRA  PDCS and PDCS-2, the 20716 GUARDS RTD, the ESPRIT LTR 27439 HIDE and the IST-2001-38229 CAUTION++, FP6-IST-STREP-26979 HIDENETS, FP6-IST-STREP-027513 CRUTIAL, FP6-SUSTDEV-STREP-031413 SAFEDMI, in the FP6-IST-026764 RESIST NoE and the FP7-ICT-216295 AMBER C.A.). Key figures of CINI have a long-term research experience on the topics of the CECRIS project as well as vast experience in team leading, coordination and academy-to-industry ToK. CINI hosted in recent years several visiting professors, researcher and PhD students for short- and long-term visits, being able to provide excellent support in both technical and administrative aspects.

Key figures of CINI have excellent research experience in the design, validation and certification of resilient and secure systems.

Prof. Andrea Bondavalli: 20+ years experience,

Prof. Stefano Russo: 15+ years experience,

Prof. Domenico Cotroneo: 10+ years experience.

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