CECRIS Seminar at ResilTech

Seminar on "FPGA -Reconfigurable Hardware for Resilient Systems"
by João Cunha from University of Coimbra, during his secondment at ResilTech

Pontedera - March 3, 2016


International Workshop on Recent Advances in the DependabIlity AssessmeNt of Complex systEms

Supported by the CECRIS Project


Critical systems are becoming more and more complex and heterogeneous, integrating previously separated systems and including design solutions ranging from the introduction of software Off The Shelf (OTS) to the adoption of loosely-integrated and composable services. Innovative dependability assessment solutions and certification processes are thus needed to deal with such complexity, calling for new solutions for the efficient, automated, and possibly continuous assessment and certification.

The RADIANCE workshop aims to discuss novel dependability assessment approaches for complex systems and to promote their adoption in real-world systems through industrial and academic research. RADIANCE aims to promote and foster discussion on novel ideas, constituting a forum where researchers can share both real problems and innovative solutions for the assessment of complex systems.

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CECRIS Seminar at CINI - Firenze

Seminar on "Towards cyber-security challenges in Smart Grids and viable solutions"
by Mário Rui Baptista from CRITICAL Software, during his secondment at CINI
Firenze - October 22, 2015

CECRIS Seminar at ResilTech

Seminar on "Assessment of Defect Type influence in Complex and Integrated Space Systems"
by Prof. Domenico Cotroneo from CINI, during his secondment at ResilTech
Pontedera - July 28, 2015

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New secondment at CSW

Two new seconded in Coimbra at Critical Software, here a picture after a meeting with, from left to right:
Nuno Silva from Critical Software, professor Domenico Cotroneo and Fabio Scippacercola from CINI, University of Naples Federico II

Nuno Silva - Domenico Cotroneo - Fabio Scippacercola at Critical Software


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