CECRIS Technical Day @ BME

The CECRIS Technical Day will be held at BME on September 30th (Friday), 2016.
The event is free of charge, but registration is required at the following link:


CECRIS Final Event at SRDS



The venue of the event is:
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE)
Postal address: H-1521, Budapest, P.O.box 91, Hungary
Address: Budapest, XI. Magyar tudosok korutja 2. Bldg. I (Ground floor)


Technical Program

08:30 08:45 00:15 Welcome, Introduction and project Overview BME-CINI
      Model Driven Methodology  
08:45 09:45 01:00 STECA – Security Threats, Effects and Criticality Analysis: Definition and Application to Smart Grids CSW, CINI-FI
09:45 10:45 01:00 SYSML-UML like modelling environment based on a Google blockly tool customization.. RT, CINI-FI
10:45 11:05 00:20 Break  
11:05 12:05 01:00 An industrial case study: Experiencing model-driven methodology for a railway Interlocking System CINI-NA, PROLAN
12:05 13:05 01:00 Lunch  
      V&V and Quality Processes  
13:05 14:05 01:00 A process for finding and tackling the main root causes that affect critical systems quality. CSW, UC
14:05 15:05 01:00 Data analyses for project management improvement. BME
      Fault Injection  
15:05 16:05 01:00 Fault Injection environment for ProSigma system PROLAN, UC
16:05     Closing Session  


The Agenda is also availbale for download at the following link: Agenda



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